Issues I Work With:

I have experience in working with a wide range of issues including:


Addictions, Anger management, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Conditions, Attachment issues, Bereavement, Bullying, Carer Support, Child related issues, Childhood abuse, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Cultural issues, Depression, Disability, Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Eating disorders, Family issues, Gambling, Gender, Hearing voices, Health related issues, Identity issues, Loss, Obsessions, OCD, Paranoia, Panic attacks, Personality disorders, Phobias, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Postnatal depression, Pregnancy related issues, Psychosis, Redundancy, Relationship issues, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-harm, Sexual abuse, Sexuality, Spirituality, Smoking, Stress, Suicidal thoughts/feelings/behaviours, Transgenerational trauma, Women's issues, Work-related issues.


I am particularly passionate about working with clients who may: 

  • have experienced early attachment disruption

  • have experienced or are experiencing trauma or abuse - including abuse and trauma in childhood, adulthood, cultural or transgenerational trauma

  • have experience dissociation

  • have a personality disorder diagnosis

  • self harm

  • experience suicidal feelings, thoughts, or impulses

Attachment Disruption

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Personality Disorders

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Self-harm and Suicidal  Feelings, Thoughts, or Impulses

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